Monthly Archive: July 2014

Jul 11

Many Thanks to Ms. Paula Edwards and Mr. James Conlon!

The entire St. John’s Labor and Employment Law community would like to thank Ms. Paula Edwards and Mr. James Conlon for their hard work and dedication during their time at St. John’s. James Conlon has not only supported the Labor and Employment Law community in the classroom but he has been instrumental in finding many students interested in Labor and Employment summer internships and employment. His dedication and passion for helping the Labor and Employment Law community grow will be truly missed.

Ms. Paula Edwards is the perfect example of an administrator who has a passion for helping anyone that approaches her. Students, faculty, alumni and professionals have all come to her for guidance and assistance and she always has a solution or game plan for tackling any question or event that may come her way. Paula has been indispensable in building and expanding the Center for Labor and Employment Law and has supported the Labor Relations and Employment Law Society in its day to day operations in so many ways. Over the course of the past few years, Paula Edwards has been instrumental in our highly successful conferences sponsored and hosted by our Center. We will all miss Paula dearly, not only for the work that she has done for our community, but also for the devoted, outgoing and extraordinary person that she is.

Below, please find an invitation on behalf of Professor David Gregory to a dinner honoring Both Paula Edwards and James Conlon.

Dinner Invitation in Honor of Ms. Paula Marie Edwards and Mr. James Conlon