LEL Society News and Updates

Be on the lookout in the upcoming weeks for applications to serve on the LEL SOCIETY E-BOARD for the 2015-2016 school year! Elections will take place at the spring semester general body meeting. For E-board elections, be aware that the applications will be due close to the beginning of next semester. Hopefully we will have grades by then, the application will consist of a short questionnaire and your grades + resume. Full details will be on our blog and on TWEN.

To recap our last meeting (11/4/14) we discussed and handed out information about upcoming deadlines, potential scholarship opportunities, e-board elections, the Alumni issue of the magazine and class conflicts.

For scholarship opportunities, please see the blog. More opportunities will be added as we move into the spring semester. First years, please note the Union Summer program with a January 2015 deadline. For writing competitions please see the blog.

Join our TWEN page to keep updated with the happenings of the LRELS.

Labor Relations and Employment Law Society

As discussed, please let us know if you have a conflict for spring 2015 classes. You can easily do this by taking the POLL on our TWEN page to let us know about conflicts.

Check back here for the latest and greatest in Labor and Employment Law, brought to you by none other than the Labor and Employment Law Society!

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