Welcome from the Executive Director of the Center for Labor and Employment Law and the Dorothy Day Professor of Law, Dave Gregory

The Labor Relations and Employment Law program is thriving at the St. John’s University School of Law. We offer at least four directly relevant courses each semester. We coordinate the course offerings to enable day and evening students to take the full range of a dozen courses without changing sections.  In the spring semester 2013, we added a new course, Protective Legislation for Workers, examining workers compensation, safety and health, social security, unemployment insurance, and compensation  through wage and hour federal and state regimes. Our dispute resolution and sports law programs offer additional depth. Academic professional excellence is recognized via more than a dozen partial tuition merit scholarships for rising second and third year law students. Some benefactors, ranging from Local 30 of the operating engineers to Coca-Cola,  provide compensated summer employment in addition to merit scholarships. Our co-curricular programs are closely integrated, ranging from international conferences in Dublin, the University of London, and Cambridge University, to distinguished guest speakers at the Law School, including three Chairs of the National Labor Relations Board, a Solicitor General of the United States, AFL-CIO Presidents Sweeny and Trumka, and, on November 2, 1987, Cesar Chavez, founder of the farm workers union. The fall semester offers our annual management lawyers colloquium, fast approaching its twentieth year. We have a world-class adjunct faculty. Few, if any, law schools have the NLRB regional director (our alumna Karen Fernbach) teaching labor law. In this difficult employment market, our remarkable alumni consistently hire their student successors. St. John’s lawyers are ethical, creative, resolute, tenacious, strategic pragmatists. For example, this blog was created and launched this year by Labor Society co-President Alyssa Zuckerman ’13.  Her successor, May Mansour ’14, is already working extensively with me to plan the April 4, 2014 conference commemorating the anniversary of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you would like more information about our program, please feel free to contact me at any time. I would be happy to meet with you.

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